With education and practice in Architecture, Fine Arts, Drama and Cinema, Solène's work explores creative and engaging ways to experience life through space. Her projects offer strategies for escapades from the everyday monotony, at the heart of the day-to-day activity.

Born and bred in France, Solène has been living abroad since 2008.
For long established in London, she has relocated to Sweden little over two years ago
where she recently finished a research thesis on appropriating the city as an extension of home for her Master’s Degree at Lund University.
Her prior academic achievements include a high [2:1] BA (Hons) Architecture
from the University for The Creative Arts in Canterbury (UK), a selection for a study program in Architecture at Massachusetts’ College of Art and Design in Boston (USA)
and a preparatory School of Fine Arts in the french part of the Basque Country.

When not working on a new project,
you can find her enjoying the city or the countryside,
where she fills in with new inspiration drawn from all kind of surrounding details.

France . UK . Sweden

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